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NY Senator Greg Ball has proposed a new bill prohibiting the possession and harboring of killer whales in aquariums and sea parks.

The legislation (S6613) was introduced after the documentary “Blackfish” highlighted the captivity and confinement of Tilikum, an orca whale that has been in confinement for the past 30 years. Large marine animals, such as orca whales, can develop health issues and become agitated from living in the confined spaces that aquariums and sea parks offer.

Senator Greg Ball hopes to pass the legislation on the 4th Annual Animal Advocacy Day, which will be hosted on May 28th in the New York State Capitol Building. The free, bipartisan event is open to the public and will enable animal supporters to network, share information and lobby their legislators to raise awareness of the need to protect pets and people from abuse.”

Please sign the petition and share it.

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NO. Fuck ALL of you. If you watched Blackfish and thought it was a credible, unbiased, scientifically weighted documentary, you are either blind, ignorant, or stupid.

I am pretty sick of people on this website and on this planet seeing ONE ARTICLE and basing their entire view of an issue on that one article.

What about the articles from trainers and keepers, talking about how their interviews and ideas were grossly warped and edited to suit the viewpoints of the producers?

What about the articles that talk about captive husbandry of orcas and other cetaceans, and how they fare in captivity?

What about the articles that explain why Blackfish is a pile of shit, and give SCIENTIFIC basis for every point!?

In conclusion, If you are objecting to the keeping of large cetaceans such as orcas on a moral basis, that’s fine - object all you like.
But if you try talking to me about how Blackfish “proves” that orcas shouldn’t be kept in captivity, go eat a bag of dicks.

real-justice-waluigi, what’s your view on this?

Waluigi is walking out the door right now to go to work but he’s reblogging this so he can answer later.

Okay.  Basically, Seaworld is a piece of shit who lies consistently and who gives zero ACTUAL fucks about their animals except to make money.  Waluigi is against any animal captivity that isn’t necessary, like in cases of rehabilitation or for those animals born into captivity.

That being said, you don’t need to watch Blackfish to know that keeping orcas in captivity isn’t okay.  They are highly intelligent creatures who need a lot of stimulation and who can travel up to 100 miles a day being confined in small tanks with other orcas who may not even be of the same species.  (x, x)  Why do you think so many of them are covered in rakes?  THEY DON’T GET ALONG WITH EACH OTHER.  They don’t.  Orcas in the wild stay in their family pods and very rarely would they rake a family member, if ever. 

Orcas in captivity tend to bite the bars between their various pools, resulting in the dulling down of their teeth.  To prevent infection from happening, Seaworld and other marine parks drill the teeth.

Waluigi isn’t going to go through and tell you everything that’s wrong about whale captivity.  You can find that on the internet.  Hell, the debate is all over Tumblr.  Just search the Blackfish tag, or anti-cap, or pro-cap.  You will see every argument there is.

The fact of the matter is, very few captive orcas are eligible for release into the wild.  Lolita is one that probably is, but whether her family will accept her back or not is another matter.  Maybe Morgan, as well, if the hearing loss isn’t too bad/permanent.  What needs to happen is this: the orcas that can be released, need to be released.  The rest of them need better living conditions.  Whether that’s bigger pools, more stimulation, forced to perform in less shows.. whatever.  It needs reform, as does the breeding program.  To begin with, they need to STOP inbreeding.  As for the AI, it is psychologically damaging to the orcas.  After he’s masturbated, Tilikum goes and floats in the corner of his tank, shaking.  He’s an intelligent creature.  He knows what’s happening isn’t right.  Also, the trainers need to wait until the females are of an actual breeding age instead of trying to impregnate them so young.

It’s not very happy, but basically the whales already in captivity need to be given the best life possible until they die.  Breeding needs seriously reform and needs to be slowed WAY down.  The whales that can be released, need to be released.  And don’t even get Waluigi started on those stupid Shamu shows.  

Agreed. And the tjing is, I’m pro captivity when it comes to protecting animals that need it. But Orcas have proven so many times that they don’t do well in captivity. They get sicker more often, they die much younger, and they end up having so nany health complications compared to their non captive counterpart.








important psa about buns

We raised rabbits when I was a child and my sister gave a rabbit a bath (she was 5) and it heed this instruction.

I wasn’t going to reblog this, but then I realized I might save a rabbit.

This is important guys. If your rabbit gets into something gnarly and you HAVE to bathe them:
1. Fill a bowl with warm water.
2. Get a washcloth. Put it in the water. Squeeze it out until it is just damp. 
3. Lightly scrub the dirty area on your bun.
4. That is it. DO NOT get your bun wet. Only slightly damp on the part that was dirty. 

…I’m getting a bunny soon. I’m glad I read this now.

reblog and retag please.
let’s save bunnies!

save a bunny

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Yep that’s how it’s done





Ugh yes. For the record, my dad has been reading a gigantic, unwieldy, noisy newspaper at the table for decades without anyone complaining. My 5” smartphone? Massive etiquette violation apparently.

I need to frame this and hang it in my office. And in my house.


Let it go, Leo. Let it go.


Let it go, Leo. Let it go.

Thank you Tumblr.

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Grandpa’s a bad ass.

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did this girl embrace the fact that her face became a meme?

yes. yes she did.

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Just to preface this, I don’t know if anyone else has posted this, so if you have, I’m sorry! I’m posting for anybody with any anxiety, stress, want to cool down from a rough day, or just need background noise to function!

This is a really neat site because you have more than one noise to choose from to listen to. If rain isn’t really your thing, they have crackling fire and breaking waves, and it’s just really relaxing. And you know what’s the coolest part about each noise? You can change the levels. You can slide and switch levels around to have the perfect amount of thunder, or light rain, or crackles in your fire, or foamy sea goodness! Each noise (to my knowledge) has 10 sliders for different sounds within said noise, so you can mix and listen for as long as you need! And if you don’t feel like mixing it yourself, there’s a neat button called “Animate” which allows the noise to evolve and change itself, so it gives it a little flavor.

It even has some that are specifically catering to mental health and sound therapy.

But really, I encourage everyone to at least try it out, it’s just super neat and it calms me down and serves as a nice low noise in the background if I need it for sleep or working on homework.

this fucking rules

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